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With over 20 years experience of sourcing & supplying Used/Pre-Owned machinery to the Label Printing Industry Worldwide we are able to locate equipment specific to individual requirements.

We are proud of the fact that more than 50% of our business now comes from existing clients to whom we have supplied a number of machines (many of which are supplied without the clients even having seen the machine). Over the last few years we have built a relationship of trust & understanding this comes only with hard work, honesty & integrity.

We also have exclusive relationships with some of the World’s leading manufacturers of Label Converting equipment & handle trade in equipment of all kinds, relationships such as these are very hard to come by since when a manufacturer works with or recommends us they also are placing their own reputation on the line!

The Selling of Machinery

We work on an exclusive basis with a number of Label producers who need the assurance that the machinery they dispose of today will not be used or sold to their competitors in Countries where they may also have manufacturing facilities reducing the risk of any conflict of interest.

Results like these can only be gained after having a clear understanding of what really matters to you the label producer. Confidentiality is often a key concern. In this area we have a vested interest to ensure that your business remains just that, your business. As the vast majority of our work is done on a direct basis & not with other dealers the control of this can be monitored more closely.

The Buying of Machinery

Only when we have a clear understanding of your requirements are we able to help you find the right machinery for your needs. We work hard to locate the specific (or as close as we can) equipment by using our knowledge of the location of machinery, this is made possible by specialising only in the Label Printing Industry.

Whatever your needs, from a small Flexo machine or reminder to an Ilma (we sold the first used one ever in the Industry) combination machine or even a 14 colour Rotary Letterpress machine for special purpose work (now a machine with a total of 17 processes) we will find a machine for you. We have helped countless people by supplying them their first machine as they started life as Label Converters and we are still helping with the supply of more equipment as they grow from strength to strength.

We look forward to hearing from you & receiving your enquiries in your search for a machine, or indeed to sell equipment that in turn helps you to move your business forward.

Customer Testimonials

Dear Steve

Thanks for finding the Nilpeter for us, it arrived on time and on budget and no problems so far. We look forward to you finding us the next one Limbus Labels Ltd